Lake Greenwood Water Levels

Lake Greenwood,a man-made lake was created between 1935 and 1940 by the construction of the Buzzard's Roost Dam near Chappels, SC. It provides power through its three turbines each driving a 5 megawatt AC generator. One of the most frequent topics of discussion with newcomers to the area is water depth and water levels on Lake Greenwood.

FAQ's About Lake Greenwood Water Levels

How large is Lake Greenwood?

Lake Greenwood spans 3 counties, Greenwood, Laurens and Newberry and encompasses a total of 11,400 acres.

How long is the lake?

Approximately 22 miles long.

How deep is Lake Greenwood?

Approximately 70' at the deepest point.

What is the high water mark for Lake Greenwood?

439'is the "full pool" mark on Lake Greenwood.

Does the water level stay consistent?

Lake Greenwood is closely monitored and managed by Lake Greenwood Management under Federally mandated guidelines. Lake Greenwood has a "rule curve" that is closely followed each year beginning the end of October and continuing until January (in increments) for a total of approximately 4' from the lakes normal "full pool" level of 439'. 

Why is the "draw-down necessary?

The primary purpose is for flood control. Since Lake Greenwood is fed by rivers extending far into the mountains weather conditions and rainfall amounts can have a far-reaching affect on our water levels. This 90 day time frame is the perfect opportunity for residents to build docks, do repairs or install seawalls.

Has the lake ever flooded significantly?

In short--NO.The recent record breaking rainfall amounts have shown Lake Greenwood to be well monitored and maintained. 

Is flood insurance required?

This is determined on a case by case basis. There are a few instances in which flood insurance may be necessary. 

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