Lake Greenwood Lakefront Property For Sale

Lake Greenwood Sunset

No matter whether they are in the big city or the suburbs, almost everyone would love to live where they can look out the window to a sparkling water view. Nothing is more fun than a boat on the water in the bright sunshine, or the waves of a lake lapping in the moonlight with a glass of wine to enjoy it.

With 50 foot setback lines around most of Lake Greenwood, it brings the question to mind....why buy or build anywhere else? If you're paying for lakefront view, why not be able to enjoy that view? Lake Greenwood is great for boating, swimming, fishing and nearly anything else you have in mind! Have another area lake in mind? Email me for a quick comparison. 

Lake Greenwood has many nooks, crannies, curves & coves. Without having someone who knows the area you may overlook the PERFECT property or buy in an area with declining values as opposed to stable or possibly increasing values. With my knowledge, expertise and guidance in Lake Greenwood lakefront property, you will save both time and money.

We offer you a beautiful place to spend a weekend, a week, or a lifetime! Browse through the sampling of the lakefront properties below, or search our MLS to see more.

If you're planning a trip to the Lake Greenwood area contact me, I'll be more than happy to show you why so many others have decided to purchase property on our beautiful lake, and start calling Lake Greenwood "home"!


Lake Greenwood Lakefront Property