We've all heard the saying "a bird in the hand is worth 2 in a bush" right? Well the same thing can be said when talking about Greenwood homes for sale. Let's change it around a little and say "a buyer in the hand is worth 2 in the future".

greenwood real estate bird in hand

The Greenwood real estate market is doing great. As of yesterday there were approximately 160 properties currently under contract or pending in our MLS area. One of our most sought after area communities is Stoney Point and there are currently only 11 homes for sale in Stoney Point and of those 11 only 3 are lakefront homes in Stoney Point.  

This is great news for sellers and the current market does put the ball in your court and gives you a slight advantage when it comes to things like

  • deciding which offer to work with in a multiple offer situation,
  • what repair requests to address following the inspection,
  • or even negotiating your closing date.

Remember ANYTHING is negotiable. However, there is a still a line that shouldn't be crossed in order to keep the interested buyer or buyers in the game. In other words don't make the mistake of playing "hard ball" from the start.

The buyer you have right now may be gone tomorrow and if you truly want to sell there is still a risk involved about when the next buyer will come along and what the market will look like then. Will there be more competing properties? Will interest rates be higher that will cause buyers to look in lower price range? Yes, the market is great but the future ALWAYS holds uncertainty.

Interest rates could change, financing could be delayed or the appraisal may not come back as you expected.  Look at these as opportunities that through successful negotiations with your buyer a win-win situation can be arrived at.

Speaking of well-known sayings here's another to consider; "treat others as you would have them treat you" and everything will usually work out just fine!

Give The Bradshaw Group a call at 864-341-7774 if you're considering selling. You'll be glad you did. HEY, and so will we. (Talk about a win-win!)