Statistics picThe Greenwood real estate market is seeing multiple offers and major improvements in market conditions in comparison to this time last year.  Every time I look around there are yet more signs that we are bouncing back in and around Greenwood. Whether it is the opening of new businesses, the construction of condos in Greenwood or new homes on Lake Greenwood we are seeing more than in the past years and it's a welcome sight.

While the Greenwood SC area in general wasn’t hit as hard as many local, larger areas we still had (and have) a few short sales and foreclosures lurking around. When it comes to Lake Greenwood real estate they are a rare find.  I get calls almost daily from people wanting my "list of lakefront foreclosures" and I'm always happy to announce there is no list!  OH, I can just hear the disappointment in their voice! Then things usually take a different course after they hear how the area is much more affordable than most lakes in SC even without foreclosure properties on Lake Greenwood. After visiting the area Greenwood, SC ranks “high” on their list of top retirement destinations.

On a larger level Bloomberg News reports that in some areas home buyers are having to pay more than asking price to get the home they desire. Bidding wars were a common part of real estate in 2006. But when the market turned from a “seller’s market” to “buyer’s market,” more sellers started seeing lowball bids than high bids. Now times are slowly changing, and bidding wars are being reported in several markets, such as in Seattle, Boston, Silicon Valley, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

“The housing crash is finally giving way to recovery in an increasing number of markets across the country,” Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics. “The decline in unsold listings and vacant homes and the increase in rents presage better times ahead for single-family housing.” Source: Bloomberg News

Now is truly THE BEST time to buy. I've been saying it all along...and while each time I say it is a good time it just continues to get better. Click here to visit us on the web and see everything the Greenwood area has to offer.  Mild climate, affordability, golf courses, central location and friendly people are just the beginning. There's something for everyone and we look forward to helping you find yours.