Lake Greenwood Dock Lake Greenwood, SC is more than a top retirement destination. It's also a top vacation location for families from all over wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. If you've never heard of Lake Greenwood before, you are not alone. Being a Lake Greenwood REALTOR I talk to people from almost every state who have only heard of Lake Greenwood through word of mouth, usually from a friend who discovered the area while passing through to another larger or more well known lake. This lack of notoriety contributes to the areas charm. Referred to by many as one of the Carolinas best kept secrets it has a mild climate with just a hint of winter weather usually lasting less than one month and a place where snowfall is rare.

The location of Lake Greenwood is perfect for those who like the mountains as well as the beaches as a visit to either can easily be accomplished in a day. Greenwood is centrally located just a short drive from five small historic towns offering a variety of shopping, dining and healthcare. Speaking of healthcare, those considering Greenwood as a retirement location will be happy to know that we are home to the award winning Self Regional Healthcare System and the areas largest Genetic Research Center. That is understandable considering that other than independent, local businesses healthcare seems to be the areas largest employer.

When it comes to property for sale in Greenwood, SC the area has something for every budget. Whether you are in search of a condo for sale on Lake Greenwood or vacant land to build your dream home you will impressed with the selection whether its' lakefront or acreage in the country.

Spring and Summer offers many festivals around town including the most popular Festival of Flowers. The 2013 Festival of Flowers kicks off June 1 with the main event weekend June 20-23. It would be a great time to come check out the area and view some homes for sale on Lake Greenwood or even in one of the local golf communities. If you would like recommendations on lodging, boat rentals or our "top picks" of area restaurants just email us through our website let us know what information you would like.

If you are interested in receiving a complete list of available properties for sale on Lake Greenwood SC in a particular price range text us, email us or give us a call.

We helped many buyers last year by providing information and helping them acheive their goals and we look forward to helping you this year!

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