Being in real estate in Greenwood SC I have people checking out the area almost on a daily basis. It never fails that one of the top 5 questions is usually “where’s a good place to eat”. Through the years I’ve referred many people to this “cute little place by the lake” as I referred to it, based on what I had been told by other locals and past clients alike. So, last weekend I happened to be in the area and decided, “ok, it’s time to check it out for myself”. All I can say is I’m glad I referred all those other people there but man, have I been missing out! While talking to the owners I found out some of my Lake Greenwood Property buyers are now their “regulars”.

Harris Landing on Lake Greenwood is a restaurant NOT to be missed. Last weekend I had their burger since I had heard dozens of people raving about them and they were OHHH so right! Quite possibly THE best burger I’ve ever had! Trust me, I’ve had way more than I should’ve over the years. If burgers aren’t “your thing” then maybe you should try their wings. I’m not a wing connoisseur…but I’d put them up against the best! To go a step farther; even the onion rings were delicious. Looking for something a little different? They also offer grilled salmon, steak, shrimp, crab stuffed mushroom, and so much more. Sunday's are a special treat featuring fried chicken and other "southern favorites". No, haven’t had any of these menu items yet…. but you can bet I will.

As for the atmosphere…ok, you tell me what you think. “Cute, little restaurant right on the lake (you can even come by boat if you would like), warm, friendly, “make yourself right at home” staff, and a covered porch overlooking beautiful Lake Greenwood. It was perfect!

So if you’re a local and haven’t made it there yet because it’s “a little off the beaten path”….do yourself a favor and for goodness sake drive the extra 5 minutes. You’ll be glad you did. If you find yourself passing through Greenwood and looking for something other than the usual places make it a point to find Harris Landing Restaurant whether by water or land! It’s WELL worth the effort.

Oh by the way, they’re social!! Look for them on Facebook to see some of their nightly specials. Tell them Jan sent you and I’ll be seeing 'em soon.