Even though the market is moving rapidly right now there are still great homes for sale in Grand Harbor as well as other communities. No matter where your home is located here's three things to consider to make sure your home isn't getting passed by. 

1. Pricing

Make sure the Realtors (atleast 3) you interview give you FACTS about current pricing and market conditions. They should compare your home with recent sales of homes in your neighborhood when possible, similar in size, style, features and quality. For example, if you have a home for sale in Pucketts Ferry your Realtor should be showing you recent sales in Pucketts Ferry as opposed to lakefront homes sold in the ninety six area in general.

Did you know there are many agents who will let you set the price for your home? Don't let it happen. We are the professionals so make sure your Realtor proves their knowledge and worthiness of handling your largest asset. Make sure your Realtor SHOWS you what you NEED to know in order to sell. Think of it like hiring a lawyer to represent you in court and you telling them how to plead your case! Nothing good can possibly come of that!

2.  Condition

It's not easy sometimes getting your home in market condition. We understand that having your home on the market can be a hassle. However, by having your home as close to market condition as possible will get you to your end goal much quicker, get you to a higher negotiated sales price and get you into your next home. Start with creating curbside appeal because that's where the buyers start evaluating your home. Before they even drive into the driveway. Ask your Realtor for suggestions--we see enough and should our experiences in a way that benefits your individual situation. The admittedly inconvenience of having your home listed and shown will quickly turn into you being in your new home and being free again!

3.  Marketing

How people buy their next home is probably one of the things that the internet has changed the most through the years. Over 90% of buyers start their search online. Information is there for people who want it and trust me, todays home buyers are hungry for as much as they can get.

First of all your home has to be seen to even be in the competition. Your Realtor MUST have an internet presence. Secondly, it has to be attractively and accurately represented in words and photos; and third because of the plethora of information available it has to be priced right.

The most beautiful photos and well written words will not persuade a buyer to buy a home. Many time the opposite happens. If a buyer comes to see a home that is beautiful online with all the perfect words and what they see when they arrive doesn't match....they'll be immediately turned off and won't even consider looking. On the other hand it's senseless to market a home with only 1 or 2 photos; yet it happens all the time. Don't let it happen to your home.

Bottom Line....

Make sure your Realtor is a true professional with the right info, guidance and tools you need to get your home sold!

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