I've come to realize one of the most important things a Realtor should do whether they are in real estate in Greenwood SC or anywhere else is to keep up with the big picture of the real estate world as a whole.  

Real estate is local, meaning every market is a little different and values of one market have little to do with values in another market. However, all areas combined can sometimes give us a reasonably accurate picture.

We all know we can definitely depend on the media to give us the down side of the housing market. As one of the top Realtors in Greenwood,  I have to admit that I, like many others, get tired of the news regardless of the necessity of it.  Every time I turn my TV on it is the same old song and dance … “a bad economy; are we in a recession or not; foreclosures on the rise; are we really in a recovery?”  Yes, it’s more gloom and doom! It’s no wonder when I see something citing more statistics I have the urge to turn away.  But, this time I didn’t! The following information is a set of positive facts that we need to consider.  

A new CoreLogic study has determined that there are substantial reserves of positive home equity nationwide, citing recent Federal Reserve data showing that Americans held about $6.2 trillion in equity in their homes at the end of the 2011 second quarter. Federal and industry estimates also reveal that nearly one of every three homes is debt-free. According to CoreLogic, nearly half of homeowners with home loans have at least 25 percent equity, and almost a quarter have more than 50 percent equity.

Home ownership is still a great thing and there are many Americans enjoying the benefits of it. Don’t get caught up being  “Chicken Little”. The sky is not falling~ regardless of what the media says. Bad news sells….while good news gets overlooked!  Prices of homes in Greenwood SC are at the bottom, and just today I've heard interest rates as low as 3.25% makes it the PERFECT time to join the ranks of the millions who are enjoying home ownership. With the price of lakefront lots on Lake Greenwood being at 5 year lows makes building your dream home or lakefront retirement home a REAL possibility. With a knowledgable REALTOR guiding you it could be the best it has ever been or ever will be in the near future for buying lakefront property or property for sale in Greenwood SC, whether lakefront or not. Afterall, it's a buyers market everywhere.

Keep focused on the good news and let the media focus on the bad! They get paid well for it!