It's been awhile.....but not because there has not been good news to share! I am happy to report the Greenwood, SC Real Estate market has taken off for the first time in years. Specializing in lakefront property on Lake Greenwood I am seeing activity reminiscent of 4 years ago and prices still holding (so far) at 5 year lows. Interest rates are still low but buyers shouldn't expect the perfect world to last forever.  Buyers who are buying from other states are reporting their markets are beginning to show an increase in activity as well. That is news I haven't heard in at least 3 years. There will be changes in the future so don't miss the boat!

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Hopefully this doesn't still find anyone sitting on the fence but in case you are maybe the following will help motivate you to jump....or at the very least climb down and see what you might be missing out on.

Real estate economists and analysts are increasingly optimistic that the housing market will have a dramatic recovery in the next two years, according to results of a new semi-annual survey of 38 real estate economists and analysts conducted by the Urban Land Institute’s Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate. The economists predict that the national average for home prices will stop falling by this year and a subsequent turnaround will occur. By next year, they project that home prices will begin to rise by 2 percent, and then get a larger boost of 3.5 percent by 2014. The economists also predict that housing starts will nearly double by next year. They also foresee rental prices continuing to increase for all property types, ranging from 0.8 percent to 5 percent. The economists’ predictions were made on assumptions that the economy would continue to strengthen, including a larger drop in unemployment. “While geopolitical and global economic events could change the forecast going forward, what we see in this survey is confidence that the U.S. real estate economy has weathered the brunt of the recent financial storm and is poised for significant improvement over the next three years,” says Patrick L. Phillips, ULI chief executive officer. “These results hold much promise for the real estate industry.” Source: RISMedia

There's the green light folks! If you are looking for the ideal lakefront retirement community or a top retirement location in the carolinas the time is NOW and the place is Greenwood, SC! Looking for a vacation rental on Lake Greenwood? Give us a call and we can point you in the right direction.

Come visit one of the South's Best Secrets and let us show you around. We think you'll be impressed.