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South Carolina Tax Information

If you are looking for that special place to spend your retirement years you should consider Greenwood, South Carolina as a top retirement destination.

Whether it is warm sunny days, walks along the beach, the chill of mountian air, occassional light snows or the breath taking colors of fall; it can all be found in Greenwood, SC or within a short drive.

Along with seasons and close proximity to mountains and beaches yo should also consider economic factors. According to recent research South Carolina is a wise choice if you want to hold on to your money or have a choice in where it is spent as opposed to hading it over in the way of taxes paid.

Here are just a few points to ponder:

NO TAX on Social Security benefits

NO TAX on prescriptions

NO TAX on inheritance

TAX DEDUCTION for residents 65 and older

TAX DEDUCTION of $10,000 for retired miltary

LOW TAX on gasoline. (Only 3 states are lower; New Jersey, Wyoming and Alaska)